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The Purpose of Taekwondo Training

From the writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association


Dear Students: October 2003

As you know Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that has developed into a sporting competition much like boxing or wrestling. With the modern emphasis on the sporting aspect of Tae Kwon Do we may overlook the true purpose of our martial art training; which is the following:

Warrior Self Defense: Our training should ultimately enable us to defend loved ones, country and ourselves. As a modern day warrior we must be physically, mentally and technically strong. Years ago training was extremely difficult as the martial artist was molded into a warrior. The training was disciplined and intense, as the warrior knew a mistake in battle could mean death. As we strive to become warriors we need serious training to develop our minds and bodies. Warrior self defense takes steady practice of sparring, breaking and one-steps. We must remember that to reach a level where we can defend others and ourselves takes time, consistent hard work and discipline.

Confidence and Courage: Tae Kwon Do training should result in confidence and courage. The Tae Kwon Do martial artist knows that perfect practice brings perfection, perfection brings confidence and self-assurance that extends from training to all aspects of their lives. This confidence gives courage to the modern day warrior as he stands for justice and patriotism.

Artist: Tae Kwon Do training makes us a martial “artist”. Through the practice of our forms we demonstrate the beauty of power, balance, focus, speed and spirit. True artists are constantly practicing so they can maintain and improve on their skills and performance. We as martial artists must consistently practice and perform so we can perfect our skills and techniques.

Indomitable Spirit: The end result of our Tae Kwon Do training should be an indomitable spirit. A winning attitude grows from the confidence gained from the perfection of self-defense and forms. This mind-set enables us to overcome any obstacle, defeat any opponent and reach our desired goals. A strong person has a spirit that controls his or her body, while the weak persons body controls his spirit. So the person with an indomitable spirit is able to compete at a higher level, not limited by his or her physical self but able to achieve greater things as this spirit lifts them above their limitations and allows them to overcome any barrier and achieve their desired goals.

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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