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Merch Store

You can order all products available through Venmo using the scan code below.  Please include your Name and the Product you wish to order in the Description.

Sparring gear is only for student purchase and we will not fulfill orders for sparring gear to non-students, and does not get delivered to your home address.   T-shirts can be purchased by anyone and will shipped to your home address.

Other Products

Most of the equipment you can also purchase directly yourself.  We have some recommended products below for you.  We don't endorse these products, but they will work well for what we are teaching.  So if you can find a better product, go for it.

boxing gloves
mouth guard
MMA Shin guards

Shock Doctor

Mouthguard -  $13

Available on Amazon

Sanabul Boxing Gloves

14 oz Black - $30

Available on Amazon

Sanabul Essential Shin Guards - $35

Available on Amazon

System Breakdowns.jpg

I.33 Basic

Trainer Sword - $35

Purpleheart Armoury


Cold Steel Medieval Buckler Polymer - $30

Available on Amazon

reflex bag

Maxx MMA Boxing

Reflex Bag - $65

Available on Amazon

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