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HEMA - Historical European Martial Arts

HEMA is historical weapons training.  In this class you will work with all manner of different types of weapons training including Sword and Buckler, Longsword, Spear, and more.  While the emphasis is on normal students who are not necessarily looking to compete, because Coach Alex has competed a lot under many different organizations and rule sets, he will teach you the styles and systems of a variety of historical methods of fighting so that you are a well rounded duelist.  

HEMA classes

Class Instructor - Coach Alex Van Ness

Society for Creative Anachronism

Alex Van Ness is a Lifelong martial arts student and medieval weapons enthusiast.  He was originally inspired by his father, a knight in the SCA, and his godfather, a Kenpo Karate instructor.  

His initial training was in Kenpo, Shaolin-Do, and later Kuntao under Sifu Amonte.  In 2007 he began studying historic European weapons styles and is experienced in a variety of combat systems including HEMA, SCA, Dagorhir, Buhurt, and Viking.

Through extensive competition, Alex has fought in hundreds of melee combat encounters and thousands of duels, having won tournaments all over the US.  

As the lead vocalist for Deadiron and Brazen Rogues, he brings incredible charisma & excitement to his classes.

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