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​Weapon Proficiencies

  1. Beginner Proficiency - An ability level that indicates familiarity with basic movements, attacks, and defenses of the weapon.   Has learned a few counters.  

  2. Moderate Proficiency - They have an established game and a style of their own.  They are very familiar with the weapon and are comfortable wielding against others in sparring.  Has familiarity with established instruction like i.33 manual. 

  3. Advanced Proficiency - Most people in the room recognize this person as someone who is a consistently tough match.  They really understand what they are doing with the weapon and have extremely well established tactics.  Their understanding goes well beyond manuals and they have brought modern tactics and their own insights to the weapon.

  4. Mastery Proficiency - An ability that is far surpassing even experienced students.  This individual is consistently able to develop and instruct in techniques to Advanced Students and can further the game of anyone in the room.  They can do pretty much whatever they want to opponents with ease.  



Novice: Unranked - A beginner or novice level, where individuals are introduced to the basic principles, concepts, and techniques of HEMA.   


Page:  Yellow Wristbands - A beginner level where practitioners have acquired a solid foundation in HEMA and are capable of applying techniques with more precision and understanding.  A beginner Proficiency in sword & buckler.​​​

  1. Beginner Proficiency in Sword and Buckler

  2. Minimum 6 Months Training


Squire: Green Wristbands -  An advanced level where practitioners demonstrate a higher level of technical proficiency and tactical understanding.   

  1. Moderate Proficiency in Sword and Buckler

  2. Beginner Proficiency in 2 other weapons forms

  3. Minimum 1 Year of Training


Nobleman: Blue Wristbands:   An Intermediate student capable of besting low to untrained students consistently.  

  1. Moderate Proficiency in Sword & Buckler and 2 other weapons forms

  2. Beginner Proficiency in 3 other weapons forms

  3. Minimum 2 years training.


Hedge Knight:  Purple Wristbands:  An advanced student that makes Nobleman rank and below look silly a lot of the time. They know a lot about a lot in HEMA.  

  1. Advanced Proficiency in 1 weapon form

  2. Moderate Proficiency in all 4 weapons forms

  3. Beginner Proficiency in all others

  4. Minimum 3 years training.

Knight:  Brown Wristbands - This rank indicates a deep understanding of historical martial arts systems and the ability to innovate, interpret, and teach the art. Regarded as overall very advanced in their field.

  1. Mastery of 1 weapon form

  2. Advanced in 3 other weapon forms

  3. Moderate Proficiency in all other weapon forms

  4. Minimum 4 Years Training


Master of Arms: Black Wristbands -  The highest level of achievement.  Often indicating a deep understanding of historical martial arts systems and the ability to innovate, interpret, and teach the art. Regarded as experts in their field and may be responsible for developing and preserving HEMA knowledge.

  1. Mastery of 3 or more weapons forms.

  2. Advanced 6 other weapons forms

  3. Moderate in all others

  4. Minimum 5 years training.


Weapons Forms

  • Sword and buckler

  • Single Sword

  • Sword and Dagger

  • Sword and Shield

  • Two Sword

  • Longsword

  • Saber

  • Spear

  • Halberd

  • Rapier

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