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What are Devil Dogs?

In June of 1918, at a place called Belleau Wood in France, one of the  most intense, brutal battles of World War I took place.  It was here where the pivotal turning point of the war took place.  It was also here where the United States Marines suffered their heaviest casualties, fighting alongside the Army, as well as troops from the UK and France.  

The objective was clear.  Capture Belleau Wood and eliminate the German soldiers.  Part of the reason the battle was so intense was the use of chemical weapons fought in trenches and pillboxes.  The Germans, upon seeing the fierceness of Marines constantly charging even after suffering heavy losses, and often on all fours climbing the slippery trenches wearing their gas masks, began to call the Marines "Tuefel Hunden" or Dogs from Hell.  

Today, the nickname lives on, used by and for Marines, to remind them of their fierce indomitable fighting spirit.  

Devil Dog Martial Arts
Our Brand


In November 2021, our program was rebranded to coincide with a restructuring and ideology.   Coach Greg, being a former Marine, wanted to show respect to his Marine Corps roots by naming his program after the Honor, Courage, and Commitment the Marine Corps represents under the name Devil Dog Martial Arts.

This name was chosen because of our goal to provide a positive community for veterans of all services to belong to and to demonstrate to all the fierceness of our fighting spirit.

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