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Best Practices For a Positive School Culture

  • Courtesy

    • Please avoid talk of sensitive subjects such as politics or religion. 

    • Make everyone feel welcome in the school. 

    • Respect pronouns. 

    • No inappropriate touch or sexual harassment

    • Please do not post videos or photos without the consent

    • Don't be a jerk.

  • Safety

    • Everyone's safety on the mat as a priority. 

    • Do not wear jewelry in class. 

    • Wear appropriate safety gear when sparring. 

    • If something hurts, tap.  If someone taps, stop what you are doing. If there is a concern of danger.  Tap.

  • Cleanliness

    • Sanitize feet when returning from the bathrooms.  

    • Please wash uniform, including belt.  

    • Shower after every class.  

    • Clip your nails

    • No shoes on the mat.  No street shoes on the carpet.

School Culture
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