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Martial Arts Training

Our Philosophy

What Makes Us Different

The biggest difference between us and every other school is that we make our decisions based on what makes a good martial arts school, not what is profitable.  The money we charge goes toward overhead and expenses.   None of our instructors is making their living off of the school which means we never have to put ourselves in a position where we must decide between integrity and profit.  

This is why we don't charge for promotions, our equipment sales are at cost, and we don't do annual contracts.  We also don't ignore most of our students to focus on a few pro fighters.  We don't do kids classes, birthday parties, or try to weasel our way into your kid's school to talk them into joining.

With other schools you will see "Your Goal is Black Belt" on their wall.  Our school has the words "Discipline House", because like the Marine Corps namesake we have chosen, we don't promise you a rose garden.  This is real martial arts, and our goal for you is personal betterment.  You aren't another dues paying body on the mats like at a lot of other chain schools.  We keep our class sizes small, and every student gets a lot of personal attention and a personalized development plan.    

All of our instructors share the philosophy of providing Elite level martial arts instruction to normal people.  Our greatest successes are when we can turn normal people into a badass.   To us you are a Champions from the first day you step on the mat and deserve training that is normally only reserved for Champion level fighters.

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