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This Boxing Class is designed for regular people to learn the sweet science as it is meant to be learned.  While we do work heavy bags and mitts, the majority of the time isn't spent on pads.  There is a heavy emphasis on fundamentals, tactics, and principles that will allow you to succeed with a lot of time spent on defense through head movement, footwork to create angles, level changes, and distance management.  

Beginners will spend more time on mitts, but as you progress to understand the fundamentals, more of your time is encouraged to be spent in light contact sparring, designed for skill development, not on cracking skulls.  

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Greg Koval has trained in martial arts since 1990 when he began training at Kim's Taekwondo with his father Bruce Koval.  

​In September of 2012, Coach Greg opened Koval Taekwondo to teach old school power Taekwondo with educated cross training for self defense.  This was the foundation for what was later to become Devil Dog Martial Arts, which is the culmination of developed systems and training practices that were established under the Koval Taekwondo program. 


Greg Koval is a 6th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in Taekwondo under Grand Master Moo H Kim..  Greg Koval is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Pablo Castro.  In addition, Coach Greg has spent decades cross training Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, MCMAP, Hapkido, and Judo. 

Class Instructor - Head Coach Greg Koval

Other Class Information

Physical Prerequisite:  None
Physical Challenge Level:  3-4
Equipment Requirements:  Water Bottle, mouth guard, Boxing Gloves, and Hand Wraps (provided by DDMA)
Uniform Requirement:  No Gi
Ages:  16+
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