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This Boxing Class is the most supportive, energetic way you will ever spend an hour.  While Coach Max is a Golden Gloves Champ, she directs her class to normal people who want to develop their passion for the sweet science.  

Once you go one time, we won't be able to keep you away.  It's full of solid boxing fundamentals hard to pick up in other gyms that basically ignore you, but at a high energy that keeps it fun and exciting the whole time.

Class Instructor - Coach Max Diblasi

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Max DiBlasi began her martial arts journey in Taekwondo under Grand Master Moo H. Kim in 2000. She holds a 4th-degree black and the rank of Sabumnim. She began teaching classes at 3 locations and found something she is truly passionate about. Some of that 22-year journey has been alongside Coach Greg Koval.

In 2011, Max branched out into her love of old-school boxing. Training under Coach John Nieves at the Raul Torres Academy, Max found her next challenge. She was awarded the female Heavyweight Championship Title at the Cleveland Golden Gloves in 2013. Since then, she has been no stranger to the amateur boxing circuit in Ohio.

Max teaches with energy and passion and believes you get back what you give.

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