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Kuntao Silat

Kuntao Silat is a fighting style with Chinese roots practiced predominantly in Indonesia, Phillipines, and Malaysia.  As recently as the 1970s, Kuntao was often practiced secretly to avoid its techniques from being revealed to outsiders.  It was not openly displayed, and was only passed on to family members or trusted students.  Because of this, Kuntao is a martial art with a diverse range of styles that vary depending on lineage.

Kuntao is a martial art that places great emphasis on practicality and efficiency in combat.  The techniques used are designed to be quick, effective and devastating, making it an ideal style for self defense.  Kuntao utilizes hand strikes, kicking techniques, joint locks, and martial arts weapons such knife, sword, and short stick.  

kuntao silat

Class Instructor - Sifu Amonte Littlejohn

Kuntao Silat
Amonte Littlejohn began learning the hybrid martial art of Kuntao at age 17.   The martial system, comprised of principles and methods from Chinese Gung Fu and Indonesian Pencak Silat slowly became something that he grew to love and his life soon became centered upon its practice.   


In college through graduate school, Amonte would take his love for martial study overseas to his mother's home country in Thailand to not only learn their traditional systems, but share his Kuntao with those who wanted to learn. Among his students stand the Thai Royal Marines.


It is his unwavering belief that learning to protect one's self is the highest practice of self-respect available to mankind. By learning how to deal with any adversity, we become all the more in accord with ourselves.

Other Class Information

Physical Prerequisite:  None
Physical Challenge Level:  2
Equipment Requirements:  Water Bottle 
Uniform Requirement:  No Gi
Ages:  12+
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