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HEMA wards

i.33 Wards

The Basics

The Basic Guards

  1. Vom Tag, which positions the sword at shoulder height poised for a downward blow;

  2. Pflug, which has the sword at hip height and close to the body, poised for a thrust;

  3. Ochs, which has the sword pointed toward the enemy at head height for a high thrust;

  4. Alber, which has the sword pointed at the enemy’s feet as a provocation to attack.

  5. Langort, which has the sword blade held directly out in front of the swordsman, similar to the standard ready posture used in Japanese Kendo.

  6. Schrankhut, which is a transition from Pflug where the tip of the sword points to the right of the swordsman but is still held low.

  7. Eisenpfort which is reached by holding the sword outward from the body from Pflug to make a longer guard, such as before preparing to thrust.

  8. Nebenhut, which is reached by drawing the tip of the sword back even further from Eisenpfort to where the tip points behind the swordsman.

  9. Zornhut, which has the sword raised over the shoulder to prepare for a downward cut with the body leaning slightly back.

The Basic Strikes

  1. Zornhau 

  2. Krumphau

  3. Zwerchhau

  4. Scheitelhau

  5. Schielhau

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