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The following is a mandatory waiver that must be filled out by anyone interested in training prior to ANY activity associated with training at Devil Dog Martial Arts, LLC.  It is recommended to complete the waiver prior to coming to the first session, so that you can jump right into training the first time you com.  This waiver is in no way an obligation to start training or even do a trial class.

Best Practices For a Positive School Culture

  • No talk of sensitive subjects such as politics or religion.  This creates barriers between people.  We want people to feel welcome.  This doesn’t mean you can only talk about martial arts on the mat, but please be courteous to others who may share different values.  

  • We don’t want cultish behavior and we start by not putting our instructors on pedestals.  Our mat culture is very casual.  It’s important to remember your instructors are human.  When schools start creating a culture where students overly praise the instructor it leads to dangerous precedents.  So for this reason we avoid this.  For example, while the term master is used as a rank, it is not to be used as a title.  

  • It is a tempting thing as a student to offer instruction to another student who is struggling with an area you feel comfortable with.  We ask that you avoid doing so.  That student may have a reason for not doing it a certain way, including injury, limitations, or a specific development plan by the instructor.  Also, you as a student may inadvertently give incorrect information.  Most importantly, criticism can cause a negative experience if it is not given correctly.  We as instructors train not only in martial arts but in teaching methodology.  We ask that you allow us to do our job.  

  • Competition on the mat can be a very beneficial thing as it helps people grow.  When you are sparring, you are looking to pull off your techniques and be effective.  Just be careful you don’t accidentally become a mat bully and remember that sparring on a random Wednesday isn’t a title fight.  

  • Inappropriate interactions.  Martial arts involves close physical contact so please be careful where your hands end up to avoid accidental inappropriate touch.  Likewise, we have a zero tolerance policy for any unwanted advances or interactions that makes another student uncomfortable.  

  • Some students find some aspects of training triggering.  Please be sensitive to this by not pressuring other students to participate beyond their level of comfort.

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