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In the morning class Master Rick teaches a Traditional Taekwondo Class that emphasizes fundamentals, Poomse (forms), and One Steps in the tradition passed on by Grandmaster Moo H Kim.  This Taekwondo is not a sport or family style Taekwondo, but rather a traditional self defense that emphasizes powerful hand and foot techniques.

On Monday evenings, Bruce Koval also offers a Taekwondo digital class that is designed to reinforce the structured lesson plan from other classes.  It can include anything from poomse review to combinations to fundamental Taekwondo techniques.    

Taekwondo Classes
Grandmaster Rick Morad

Offering instruction in the Taekwondo morning classes is  7th Degree Black Belt Grand Master Rick Morad.


Master Rick began training with Master Kim in 1981 and has been Grandmaster Kim's successor since his passing.  He continues to train in the same power Taekwondo taught by Grandmaster Kim.  His classes are known for their intensity and the development of perfect technique through perfect practice. 


Grandmaster Rick continues to be a mentor and teacher to Coach Greg, as well as a group of high level instructors who come to train with him in the morning, including Master Tom Oskey, Master Gina, Sa Bum Nim Bruce Koval, and Sa Bum Nim Gayle Mullen. who learns from the excellent example set by Master Rick.   

Taekwondo Academy
Martial arts for seniors
Bruce Koval

In addition to instruction by Coach Greg, the school is pleased to be able to offer instruction from Sa Bum Nim, 4th degree Black Belt Bruce Koval.  


Bruce Koval is Greg Koval's father, and has been training in Taekwondo since 1983 when he started training at a company Taekwondo club at Technicare.   When Technicare closed, he continued his training at Kim's Taekwondo.  


Now through Devil Dog Martial Arts he is showing the benefits of years of hard work and discipline.  We can learn a great deal from his experience in almost 40 years of Taekwondo.  Also, at over 75 years old, he continues to demonstrate the health benefits of continued training.  He is a great resource on teaching how to continue your training as you age, and to adapt your style to fit your current physical abilities.  

Our Lineage

Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim
UMBA Taekwondo
Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

In Loving Memory of our Beloved Teacher

October 1941 - June 2020
Grandmaster Kim, an 8th Degree Taekwondo Grandmaster, an 8th Degree Judo Black Belt, and a 7th Degree Hapkido Black Belt, has imparted his wisdom to thousands of students and family members for several decades.   

Inspiring anyone to ever train under him, Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim has taught Taekwondo as a system of self betterment through Action Philosophy and Self Discipline.  Grandmaster Kim was a force for good in the world as a Minister and as a Martial Arts instructor.  We, the students of Grandmaster Kim were greatly shaped by his wisdom, leadership, and philosophical code of action.  


Master Kim's lessons continue on through us,  and it is our sincerest desire to pass on this great legacy .

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