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The Balance of Self Defense

From the writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

The Balance of Self Defense

Dear Students: September 2001

Traditional Tae Kwon Do consists of both offensive and defensive techniques. Blocking, ducking and various avoidance movements are all examples of defensive techniques, while punching, kicking and striking are examples of offensive movements. The truly well balanced Martial Artist is able to effectively use offensive and defensive skills from both the left and right side of his or her body. I have witnessed many students that are strong in foot techniques but lack effectiveness in hand movements or visa versa. Other students are excellent in self-defense from the right side but if turned around are unable to perform with the same sharpness. Students must strike the proper blend between offensive and defensive techniques from both the left and right sides to be considered a true balanced Martial Artist.

Just as we must find this balance, the United States after these tragic events must find the proper balance between freedom and security. We here in America have been blessed with almost unlimited freedom and liberty and to maintain this we must also have an eye on security. Without measures for safety we will be unable to enjoy or maintain this freedom. An evil faceless enemy attacked America, and I know this kind of terrorism will not prevail. We must remember the balance of self-defense as we find the right combination of offensive and defensive strategies. We as Americans must be patient and know their will be a price to pay to maintain this freedom. It may be something as small as an inconvenience at an airport to as large as the loss of friends or family in this fight against evil. I have been inspired by the recent efforts by the victim relief teams around the country, that include the fire fighters, police officers, blood donors and all the workers who have given of their time, money and some their lives as they attempted and continue to aid victims of this incident. My respect has grown as I witnessed the tireless work of various individuals and groups and I truly believe that this united spirit can fight any enemy and win.

At this time we must remember and pray for the innocent victims of this tragedy and their families. America does not need an act of revenge but and act of justice!

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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