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American Spirit and Morale

From the Writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

American Spirit and Morale

Dear Students: April 2005

National pride, spirit and the influence of religion shape our American culture. America has a relatively short history that began in the early 1600’s with the Puritans. Since that time our Culture has been defined by the following:

HONESTY. The truth has always prevailed and is a virtue of our American spirit. Not only is individual honesty stressed but openness in our government, press, military and corporate community.

HARD WORK. A work ethic has been instilled in our society and this spirit has brought about individual as well as well as achievements for our country through teamwork and ingenuity. This “can do” spirit brings not only success but also a healthy mental condition and a positive self-esteem.

COURAGE. American people have always stood for justice and freedom throughout history. They have sacrificed for this cause not only in our country but abroad, and have never been intimidated by evil.

GENEROUSITY. America and Americans have always shared their wealth, wisdom, insight and freedom with the rest of the world and continue to do so today.

The above is why America has always been healthy and prosperous and has achieved the highest standard of living in the world. Our prosperity and freedom is why so many have and continue to come to this country to learn and experience the American spirit. As long as we maintain the above, people from around the world will always want to come to America.

We as Tae Kwon Do students must also follow the above philosophy and adopt the same attitude that makes American great. Individually we must be honest with fellow students, family, friends and ourselves. Students must work hard not only in class but also at home, school and in our careers to guarantee success. We must be courageous, not being afraid of new challenges and opportunities, and we must remember to share our knowledge and experience with others. These things will guarantee a successful future for our families, our country and ourselves.

With tournament approaching the above philosophy will help us to achieve our goals. We must be honest with others and ourselves as we evaluate what we need to work on and improve for our performance. We must work hard with discipline and determination to perfect our techniques. We must have the courage to participate, knowing that the tournament experience is so valuable in our development and improvement. Always share and be generous with your time and knowledge, to help fellow students in the spirit of mutual prosperity. Remember, this event is the equivalent of 100 regular classes and will help guarantee our success as martial artists.

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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