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  1. Simplified Takedowns Chain Attacks with Proactive and Reactive Attacks

  2. Takedown Defense System and Wrestling Prevention​​

  3. Vertical Barrier (Cage) Wrestling, Striking, and Defense

  4. Clinch Attacks, Entries, and Escapes

  5. Failed Single Leg Completion from North South Turtle

  6. Guard Recovery, Posture Breaking, Defending Strikes, and Stand Up Escapes

  7. Basic control and Striking (Ground &Pound) from superior position

  8. Common submissions - escapes and prevention

Program Key Aspects

Judo 1-10

  1. Osoto Gari (Major Outer Reaping) 

  2. Deashi Barai (Advancing Foot sweep) 

  3. O Goshi (Major Hip Throw) 

  4. O uchi Gari (Major Inner Reaping) 

  5. Kouchi Gari (Minor Inner Reaping) 

  6. Drop Ippon Seionage (One arm shoulder throw)

  7. Tai Otoshi (Body Drop)

  8. Uchi Mata (Inner Line Throw)

  9. Harai Goshi (Loin Spring Hip Throw)

  10. Tomoe Nage (stomach circle throw) 


  1. Low Single 

  2. Single Leg Dump

  3. Single Leg Treetop

  4. High Crotch 

  5. Knee Pick

  6. Ankle Pick

  7. Lateral Drop

  8. Body clinch backward break

  9. Double Leg 

  10. Snap Down

Chain Wrestling Series

  1. Enter with shoulder to hip, head across waist

  2. Drop to the Low single

  3. As they back away, come up to run the pipe

  4. From running the pipe, if foot goes to the outside, Knee pick.  

  5. From running the pipe, if they hop side to side, advance to high crotch, or shrug to back take

  6. If you enter on "wrong side" go to knee pick

  7. If they escape the knee pick, go to the body lock, backward break

  8. If they hip out, go to O Goshi or Tai Otoshi

  9. If they hip back in to defend the O Goshi / Tai Otoshi, Go for Ouchi Gari

  10. At any point return to the low single

Judo Combinations

  1. Ouchi Gari to Osoto Gari

  2. Kouchi Gari to Uchimata or Tai Otoshi

  3. Sasae to Harai Goshi 

  4. Ouchi Gari to Tai Otoshi

  5. Uchi Mata to Kouchi Gari 

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