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Taekwondo Spirit

From the writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

Tae Kwon Do Spirit

Dear Students: February 2006

We must remember that anything of value comes with a price that must be paid. The harder that we work to obtain something the more we grow to appreciate it. Students who pay the price of hard work and study receive a quality education and the result is a good job or career. Tae Kwon Do students who are disciplined in their training, that work hard and become physically and mentally fit will ultimately develop the tae kwon do spirit. This spirit is more than just the repetition of techniques in sparring, forms and breaking, it is the fundamental goal of the true martial artist. Tae kwon do spirit consists of the following:

Indomitable Attitude: This mind-set is one that never gives up or is intimidated. If we need to defend ourselves or our loved ones we know we can do it and we know we must win.

Discipline: Discipline is needed at every level, from beginner to instructor. To be a disciplined student requires us to listen well and obey teachers, parents and instructors.

100% Effort: We need full concentration and maximum energy in training as well as in performance. This effort must be demonstrated on a consistent basis as we train at least three times a week.

Observe the Rules: Students need to know and follow the rules of the classroom, the home and of the do jang. Parents must know and follow the rules of God to be able to guide and help their children.

Honor each other: We must remember to show respect for each other and above all ourselves.

I want all my students to work hard and grow in their martial art knowledge, leadership, and discipline, ultimately finding the Tae Kwon Do Spirit.

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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