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Practice and Confidence

From the Writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association


Dear Students: October 2000

The Summer Olympic games ended last month and we were able to see and read about the various events that took place in Sydney, Australia. Many positive and inspirational performances took place but the most impressive was that of the U.S. Olympic swim team. Even before the events began these athletes not only had a winning attitude but also talked of breaking world records. I wondered how they developed such a positive and confident attitude and were able to deliver on the goals they had set. After reading various articles on these athletes I found their formula for success.

Increased Practice Training Time. The American team practiced longer and harder than any other team in the world. This consistent and increased practice time paid tremendous dividends in competition.

Competition Experience. The members of this team participated in every important national and international competition, thus having a chance to compete against the best swimmers in the world on a regular basis.

Superior Support System. The U.S. team had the combination of the best facilities to train in, the best and most dedicated coaching staff, the most scientific and modern methods of training and devoted and enthusiastic parents to make sure these young athletes stayed on their course. The above combination gave the American swimmers an unbelievable support system unmatched in the world.

The above formula proved that these athletes were not just lucky in winning their medals. They earned their gold through hard work, disciplined training and experience. We as Martial Artists can learn an important lesson from their example. Keeping focused on goals with consistent and increased practice time, competing against the best and having a superior support system can give us, like it gave these American athletes, unbelievable confidence and a positive attitude.

The Bible states: “What you plant is what you harvest”

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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