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Nemean Training Methodology

Greg Koval

Training Methodology

Before I can go into describing the system itself, it’s important to have a clear process for implementation of these skills. How you train is as important as what you train.

Below you will see a chart (red) that shows the most common training practices, separated from Solo and Partner drills and working from theoretical to resistance. Each of the training methods teaches a different skill and they should be used in conjunction and in the proper amount at the proper time to achieve results. A beginner may find they spend more time on the theoretical and the more advanced student on the resistance training but at all levels, resistance training is crucial.

When learning a new technique, concept, principle, or system a student should evolve through phases of instructions. What is learned in Stage 1 is applied in stages 2 and 3 to identify obstacles and flaws, rework the theory, reapply in stage 1, and begin the process anew. As the technique is mastered, new unfamiliar things can be added to it.

  1. Introduction and Isolation - Learning and developing new techniques and concepts to apply to the system. Essentially learning the move of the night (week).

  2. Interaction - Using a drill.designed to work interaction helps create familiarity and reinforce concepts using:

    • Constraints on the self​

    • Constraints on the opponent

    • External Constraints

    • Goal based drills

  3. Integration - Total freedom of exploration in sparring where the intention is to find out what works and doesn't work.

The General Flow of the System

The Nemean Fight System uses the general decision matrix as an overall approach. This is mostly just a reference you can come back to later as you start applying the content.

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