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from the writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

New Leadership

Dear Students: January 2006

Historians have looked at different centuries and have seen overriding themes that have been typical to each. The 18th century was a century that stressed agriculture as people looked to improve and expand the way they grew and harvested crops. The 19th century brought with it the industrial revolution as people moved to large cities as factories and manufacturing became the normal way of life. The 20th century was one of science and technology as the world made great advances in health care, computers and space travel. The 21st century is looking to be the century of information. With the internet explosion and technological advances those who are able to find, transfer and act quickly on credible information will be successful in this new century. This century will demand new leadership. This new leadership will be defined by 2 I’s Integrity and Intelligence.

Integrity: The new leadership must be credible and honest. They will not only have to work hard but be loyal and trustworthy.

Intelligence: The new generation of leaders must continuously pursue credible information and constantly expand their knowledge.

The successful leaders in this century will not only gather credible information the fastest but will be those who are able to take this knowledge and turn it into action.

Students, our black belt leadership consists of: Knowledge, Credibility, Virtue, Courage, Discipline and Justice. We can see that Crediblity, Virtue, Courage and Justice all are major ingredients to Integrity while Discipline and Knowledge are the major elements of Intellegence. We as students and instructors must develop and improve our leadership in the 21st century. Students must study harder, business people need to work with double effort and competitors must go the extra mile in their training so we can all be successful.

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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