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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

From the Writings of Grandmaster Moo H Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

Competitors, Go the Extra Mile

Dear Students:

March 2003

Time is running out to prepare for the 15th annual UMBA tournament held at Cleveland State University on April 26, 2003, and I would like to share with you the following tips to assist you in competition.

Form Competition:

Choose a performing form that matches your rank. Know the meaning of that form and understand each movement.

Practice that form at least 30 times a day, with the same power and focus you would if you were in front of the judges making sure you practice from all different directions.

Practice until you have good balance from good stances, focus from eye contact, power from speed and snap and let your kyup express your indomitable spirit.

Every time you perform, start good and finish strong, achieving perfection through concentration and confidence.

Free Sparring:

Sparring begins with good physical and mental conditioning through increased sparring time with full equipment and good advice from instructors.

Develop effective combinations with hands and feet, constantly moving and constantly attacking until the end of the match.

Sparring requires rhythm and timing. Proper breathing and footwork are a must. Attack and counter attack with a strong kyup.

Use strategy that fits your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.


Carefully prepare each technique and be ready to set up your breaks without delay.

Make sure you choose proper breaking material, (wood only).

Toughen your striking surfaces, hands and feet.

Chosen techniques must be simple, dynamic and effective. One try must bring success.

Mentally picture your boards breaking. Be determined and never hesitate.

Remember one tournament experience is equal to over 100 regular classes. I want to see all my students attend and enter at least one competition. This event is not only a learning experience but is fun and exciting.

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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