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Combination Groupings

Greg Koval


What I have found is that the key to good combinations is to have 4 combinations that you can rotate through and keep going back to the well. These combinations should all work together, build off a single lead attack and use changes in elevation, range, timing, and direction to confuse your opponent. The idea is to master one small group of combinations. The first combination should generate a response. The second combination plays off that response.

So for example in combination group 3, you throw a leg kick to a hook punch and pivot out. This causes the opponent to respond in several ways. If they defend the inside leg kick, then you inside leg kick and as they check, switch to the outside leg kick. If they guard the head to defend the hook, you switch to either a leg kick cross (if they guard the side) or a leg kick to a body roundhouse kick or body knee. So this way you keep them constantly dealing with threat and variable principle and diversity in striking built off of a common threat.

Combo Group 1

  • Lead Side Attacks - Jab, Side Kick, Leg Kick

  • Pattern Attacks

  • Feint to Attack, Double Up Attacks, and Combo Lead Side Attacks

  • Lead Side Attacks to set up Rear Side Power Attacks - Cross, Roundhouse, Kick, Turning Back Kick

Combo Group 2

Bread and Butter Entries

  • Front Kick to same side punch (advanced jab)

  • Advancing to 45, Jab Cross High Roundhouse Kick

  • Feint the Front Kick to Question Mark Kick

  • Front Kick, Double Punch, Roundhouse Kick

Combo Group 3

Inside Leg Kick Entries

  • Inside Leg Kick, Lead Side Hook (Zhang Weili)

  • Inside Leg Kick to create the Check, Outside Leg Kick (or Swing out Leg Kick to Ridgehand)

  • Inside Leg Kick, they guard high to defend the hook, switch to Body roundhouse, knee, or if they are defending the side of the head only, cross to the face. .

  • Inside Leg Kick, they move back, Turning Back Kick / Chasing Roundhouse Kick

Combo Group 4

Jab/Hook Entries

  • Jab,, Jab, Cross (Holloway)

  • Jab, jab, collar tie, uppercut (or elbow), switch knee

  • The Dutchie - Lead hook to leg kick

  • Lead Hook, they cover high, body hook

Combo Group 5

Cross Entries

  • Big cross, come up with big hook punch (Pereira)

  • Cross, Step Cross (Karate Blitz), Lead Hook, Chasing Roundhouse

  • Cross feint to turning back kick, wheel kick, turning roundhouse, turning leg kick

  • Overstep Cross to Spinning Elbow

Combo Group 6

Active Jab Entries

  • Jab, Cross, Hook

  • Pivot left Jab, roll under to 3/4 back, Advance with hooks

  • Jabs to 5-2 (Moreno)

  • Jabs to 5-3-2 (Barboza)

Combo Group 7

Cut Kick Entries

  • Cut kick to rear leg roundhouse

  • Cut kick to body cross, step to overhand right

  • Feint Cut kick to high roundhouse (double kick), spinning hook kick

  • Feint Cut kick to cut kick. Tornado kick

Combo Group 8

Southpaw Lead Entries

  • Southpaw jab, leg kick, jab (Sandhagen)

  • Southpaw lead hook, cross (Schevchenko)

  • Southpaw hook to hook

  • Southpaw catspaw hook to jab cross

Combo Group 9

Outside leg kick to create a check:

  • Feint the leg kick to side kick

  • Feint the leg kick, step to spinning hook kick

  • Feint the leg kick, Muay Thai cut kick or dump sweep

  • Feint the leg kick, step to left foot outside leg kick

Combo Group 10

Drop Entries

  • Drop punch to switch stance drop punch (Cruz)

  • Drop punch to same side hook (or drop shift cross to lead side hook) (Dillashaw)

  • Jab, drop shift cross, step jab cross (Izzy)

  • Juke and weave to punch (the Brad)

Combo Group 11

Backfist Entries

  • Backfist, switch stance jab, roundhouse kick

  • Feint backfist to spinning backfist, cross, roundhouse kick

  • Backfist feint to skip side kick

  • Backfist to Blitz punching

Combo Group 12

Top Hand Position:

  • Front kick, over the top elbow, knee strike

  • Bas Rutten Slap feint to roundhouse kick

  • No pivot leg kick, roll under to hook (Gaethje)

  • Deep Jab to knee pick, come up to hook (Cormier)

  • Oblique kick, cross, hook, cross, leg kick

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