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Black Belt Attitude

from the writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

Black Belt Attitude

Dear Students: November 2003

I have trained many people over the last 34 years and have found that these students fall into one of three different categories.

Average talent and average attitude.

Good talent and average attitude.

Average talent with an above average positive attitude.

I have discovered that the third group is the one most likely to achieve black belt level. This category of people share the following attributes:

Honest and Loyal to their training, school, instructors and fellow students.

Goal Oriented. These students work hard with concentration and focus to achieve their goals.

Good Fellowship. These students show respect and humility to instructors and fellow students.

Enthusiasm. This group shows great excitement for class, learning new techniques and tournament, and this appreciation enhances the spirit of fellow students.

The above qualities make up the Black Belt Attitude, which results in happiness and success in all aspects of your life. This kind of attitude has great influence with others not only in class but also in school, careers and other activities. This kind of attitude and spirit we call “whal” which means vitality and positive energy. When you put a box of apples in your storage room sooner or later the room will be filled with the smell of apples and like this the Black Belt with the proper attitude with influence positively all around him or her. All my students must have this Black Belt attitude and carry it to their homes, schools and careers.

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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