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5 Elements of Taekwondo Discipline

From The Philosophy of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

  • Listen Well - Always have eye contact with a speaker, together with a high level of concentration

  • Obey Instructors - You must always provide 100% obedience, not only to instructors but also to parents, teachers, and coaches. Before you complain or disagree, take action and follow instructions with and attitude of respect and appreciation.

  • 100% Effort - Maximum effort, always, without wasting time

  • Responsibility - Students and instructors must be responsible to our school. This includes the attendance of class two or three times per week at minimum attending promotion testings, tournaments, and demonstrations. Lesson fees must be paid on time and our facility and all its equipment must be treated with respect.

  • Observe the Rules - Students must keep our school rules. Our classes are organized and run at specific times. Students must be on time and observe class etiquette by addressing instructors and fellow students with respect. We must always have a sincere and humble attitude.

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