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Be Prepared

From the writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

Action: Be Prepared

Dear Students: October 2006

About 450 years ago, the Lee Korean Dynasty was invaded by Japan. As the Japanese troops invaded, the Korean King and his followers had to retreat. Although the King was never captured many innocent people were cruelly tortured and killed. The Japanese army was able to seize priceless Korean national treasures and destroyed so many of Korea’s cultural resources. The Korean peninsula was brutally brought to its knees as Japan attempted to erase the proud heritage and traditions of the Korean people. Japan not only robbed Korea of invaluable riches but tried to take its culture.

It was obvious to everyone that at the time of the attack Korea was not prepared for war. Ten years earlier a great Korean scholar Mr. Yualgok Lee knew that Japan was planning and preparing for an attack on Korea; and warned the King. Mr. Lee told the King to prepare to defend his country; however, the King did not listen. If the King would have prepared the Korean people would have spared much loss of life and suffering. Mr. Lee told the King if you are prepared you have nothing to fear. Mr. Lee’s instruction of “Be Prepared, No Fear” is one of our most important martial art philosophies.

Dear Tae Kwon Do students, always prepare well ahead of time. Students must be ready for testing and Black Belt candidates must be prepared for a tough promotion test. If we are well prepared we don’t have to be afraid of the coming challenges. We must not be concerned with merely passing or failing, but we must focus on our best performance. This December we will not only have our regular promotion testing but our semi-annual Black Belt testing. Start to prepare now for the following schedule.

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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