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Important Topics

One of the most important skills that we can learn to put to use is Verbal De-Escalation skills.  Not only will they help you prevent a physical altercation, but they are useful skills for daily life to improve healthy interactions with others in work, social, and family interactions.

This is unfortunately an all too common situation that occurs in even well renowned martial arts schools.  We wish for anyone participating in martial arts to be aware of best practices to avoid the dangers of grooming for sexual misconduct or abusive relationships.  

Popular Playlists

For fans of the UFC you'll love these breakdowns on big upcoming fights.   In them, Coach Greg breaks down the fight styles, techniques, and strengths of each fighter.  Then he'll give their best path to victory and battles you can expect to see during the fight.

In System Breakdowns, we try to answer one question.  Why do the best fighters in the world always win?  We try to identify their tactics and systems, how they put the fight on their terms, and the techniques that get them there.

Building off of the lessons learned in System Breakdowns, we have developed a system that allows us to put the fight in a place where we are always at advantage over our opponent, with an emphasis on strong defense and reducing the chaos of fighting.

Many martial arts instructors talk about principles as the most important part of training but if you ask them to define them, they can't tell you what they actually are.  Here, we do what most instructors can't and break down the principles for you.

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