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The Old Ways Meet the New

The system we teach is neither traditional martial arts, nor is it MMA, but it is also both and we believe carries the best of both worlds.  There are many positives and negatives to the modern approach and the traditional approach and we have tried to blend them into a system that keeps all of it's strengths and none of it's weaknesses.  

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The Trouble with Traditional

In Traditional Martial Arts, many practitioners become married to a style that is often flawed with out of date unrealistic techniques and concepts.  Many of these practitioners don't have a well rounded knowledge base leaving some pretty gaping holes in their experience.  They also tend to have a habit of not pressure testing their skills or learning to deal with high percentage threats.  

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The Modern Isn't Perfect

On the other side, many modern practitioners in sports like Boxing and MMA don't learn some valuable areas of study like weapons & multiple opponent defense or Gi techniques.  Often, they tend to miss out on the fun of going down the rabbit hole on anything not essential to competition.  Also, new students are often ignored until the coaches feel they are worth spending time on.  Short careers and debilitating injuries or brain trauma can be common.

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The Best of Both Worlds

We do the following to bridge the gap so normal people can get the most out of their training.  

  1. Lots of Cross Training.   ​

  2. Well Developed Systems and Training Methodology

  3. Lots of sparring, live training, and resistance training. with a high intensity, low impact, open rule set

  4. Safety for self and others is paramount.

  5. Honest Self Analysis and Constant Evolution 

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Our Sparring

  • No Point Calling and variated round lengths 

  • Only occasional contact punching to head, with light contact head kicks always allowed.

  • All strikes and kicks can be done light contact to the body or legs.  

  • Clinches, wall grind, and takedowns are permitted

  • Up to 30 seconds of work on the ground using BJJ or light to no contact ground and pound.

  • Occasional weapon, multiple opponent, other threats

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