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Combo Group 1

  • Lead Side Attacks - Jab, Side Kick, Leg Kick

  • Pattern Attacks

  • Feint to Attack, Double Up Attacks, and Combo Lead Side Attacks

  • Lead Side Attacks to set up Rear Side Power Attacks - Cross, Roundhouse, Kick, Turning Back Kick

Combo Group 2

Bread and Butter Entries

  • Front Kick to same side punch (advanced jab)

  • Advancing to 45, Jab Cross High Roundhouse Kick

  • Feint the Front Kick to Question Mark Kick

  • Front Kick, Double Punch, Roundhouse Kick

Combo Group 3

Inside Leg Kick Entries

  • Inside Leg Kick, Lead Side Hook (Zhang Weili)

  • Inside Leg Kick to create the Check, Outside Leg Kick (or Swing out Leg Kick to Ridgehand)

  • Inside Leg Kick, they guard high to defend the Cross, Knee to Body.

  • Inside Leg Kick, they move back, Turning Back Kick / Chasing Roundhouse Kick

Combo Group 4

Jab/Hook Entries

  • Jab,, Jab, Cross (Holloway)

  • Jab, jab, collar tie, uppercut (or elbow), switch knee

  • The Dutchie - Lead hook to leg kick

  • Lead Hook, they cover high, body hook

Combo Group 5

Cross Entries

  • Big cross, come up with big hook punch (Pereira)

  • Cross, Step Cross (Karate Blitz), Lead Hook, Chasing Roundhouse

  • Cross feint to turning back kick, wheel kick, turning roundhouse, turning leg kick

  • Overstep Cross to Spinning Elbow 

Combo Group 6

Active Jab Entries

  • Jab, Cross, Hook

  • Pivot left Jab, roll under to 3/4 back, Advance with hooks

  • Jabs to 5-2 (Moreno)

  • Jabs to 5-3-2 (Barboza)

Combo Group 7

Cut Kick Entries

  • Cut kick to rear leg roundhouse

  • Cut kick to body cross, step to overhand right

  • Feint Cut kick to high roundhouse (double kick), spinning hook kick

  • Feint Cut kick to cut kick.  Tornado kick

Combo Group 8

Southpaw Lead Entries

  • Southpaw jab, leg kick, jab (Sandhagen)

  • Southpaw lead hook, cross (Schevchenko)

  • Southpaw hook to hook

  • Southpaw catspaw hook to jab cross

Combo Group 9

Outside leg kick to create a check:

  • Feint the leg kick to side kick

  • Feint the leg kick, step to spinning hook kick

  • Feint the leg kick, Muay Thai cut kick or dump sweep

  • Feint the leg kick, step to left foot outside leg kick

Combo Group 10

Drop Entries

  • Drop punch to switch stance drop punch (Cruz)

  • Drop punch to same side hook (or drop shift cross to lead side hook) (Dillashaw)

  • Jab, drop shift cross, step jab cross (Izzy)

  • Juke and weave to punch (the Brad)

Combo Group 11

Backfist Entries

  • Backfist, switch stance jab, roundhouse kick

  • Feint backfist to spinning backfist, cross, roundhouse kick

  • Backfist feint to skip side kick

  • Backfist to Blitz punching

Combo Group 12

Top Hand Position:

  • Front kick, over the top elbow, knee strike

  • Bas Rutten Slap feint to roundhouse kick

  • No pivot leg kick, roll under to hook (Gaethje)

  • Deep Jab to knee pick, come up to hook (Cormier)

  • Oblique kick, cross, hook, cross, leg kick

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