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Additional Services

Martial Arts Seminar

Martial Arts Seminars

We will come to your school to provide a seminar on subjects that we specialize in that exist outside the curriculum of most Martial Arts Academies.  We offer 2 hour and 4 hour seminars on a variety of topics including: 

  • The Nemean Fight System

  • The Modern Application of Taekwondo in MMA & Self Defense

  • Training Methodology

  • BJJ and Takedown Defense for Taekwondo and other Striking Arts

  • Striking for Jiu Jitsu

  • The New Approach to One Steps.

  • Principles of Striking

  • Unarmed Defense to Complement CCW

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Looking to do something different for your next company event? 


We offer 30 minute, 1 hour, and full day Corporate Seminars and Team Building Events.  Classes are available in person at your location or through digital classes that help unify teams that work independently from home.  

The event is high energy, exciting, informative, and designed so that participants feel engaged without feeling pressured to perform.

Ideal for Team Building, Management Training, and Self Defense for Late Workers.

Womens Self Defense

Women's Self Defense

We offer an 8 or 12 week Women's Self Defense group course for 5-15 people.   Each Session is an hour long and covers topics including defense against sexual assault, domestic violence, home defense and provides information on services available, types and signs of abuse, and best practices for women's safety.


Because many women have experienced abuse and DV in their past, we are careful not to create triggering experiences or push someone into anything they aren't comfortable with.