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2001 New Year Message

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

From the Writings of Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim

United Martial Arts Black Belt Association

New Year 2001 Message

Dear Students:

January 2001

We are thankful to God for his grace and blessings as He gives to us a very exciting New Year in 2001. The Bible states that the world is like a large house filled with many different kinds of vessels or containers. Some of these vessels may be gold, some silver and even some wood. Some are used for noble purposes, like storing expensive wines, while others are used for ordinary every day reasons. No matter what they are used for, these vessels must be kept clean and polished and ready for the Master of the house to make use of them. Like these vessels, if we want God to use us as an instrument, we to must be clean or pure of heart. To be ready to be this kind of instrument we must be:

Honest and Pure: Physically, mentally. emotionally and spiritually we must strive to be pure and honest.

Responsible: As a parent, child, student, friend, teacher or co-worker we must strive to be accountable for our actions and responsible to our loved ones.

Charitable in Nature: We must be big hearted and generous. We must be giving and forgiving as we care and respect others and ourselves. This action will be like oil to an engine, as it makes us move through our lives and society more smoothly.

Loyalty: We must be loyal and faithful to God, our country, families and friends. We must be selfless as we perform our duties to each, avoiding the temptation of selfishness and greed and making sure our priorities are kept in order.

Remember, in 2001 concentrate on honesty, responsibility, generosity and loyalty!

God Bless You,

Master Moo H. Kim

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