Letters from Grandmaster Moo H. Kim

Grandmaster Moo H Kim
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Principles of Verbal De-Escalation

1.  Listen well and Stay calm

2.  Deflect and Redirect insults

3.  Paraphrase - Let me see if I understand you.  You're (feeling) because of (reason)?  

4.  Provide Options - Ask, Explain Context, Appeal to self interest

Always using:

Tactical language - If it feels good, don't say it

Tactical Tone - Unsaid but expressed

Project Empathy - The moment you stop thinking like them, you become ineffective

School Code 


Cleanliness - Cleanliness in mind, body, and spirit at all times.  

Discipline - Small change repeated daily without exception

Responsibility - Ownership and pride in our actions

Humility - Not false modesty, but a genuine accurate self assessment

Courage - Strength of will in all things

5 Elements of Taekwondo Discipline


  • Listen Well - Always have eye contact with a speaker, together with a high level of concentration

  • Obey Instructors - You must always provide 100% obedience, not only to instructors but also to parents, teachers, and coaches.  Before you complain or disagree, take action and follow instructions with and attitude of respect and appreciation.

  • 100% Effort - Maximum effort, always, without wasting time

  • Responsibility - Students and instructors must be responsible to our school.  This includes the attendance of class two or three times per week at minimum attending promotion testings, tournaments, and demonstrations.  Lesson fees must be paid on time and our facility and all its equipment must be treated with respect.

  • Observe the Rules - Students must keep our school rules.  Our classes are organized and run at specific times.  Students must be on time and observe class etiquette by addressing instructors and fellow students with respect.  We must always have a sincere and humble attitude.

3 Elements of Taekwondo Philosophy


  • Be Prepared and Fear Not - Preparation gives confidence, both mental and physical confidence.  In Taekwondo, once one is physically and mentally prepared, one becomes free from fears of inadequacy and harassment and a surge of confidence flows from within.

  • Mutual Prosperity - Man needs others to survive, for no man is an island.  Because man needs his brothers and sisters, he must care for and respect all his neighbors.  Taekwondo is a reflection of the idea that man must appreciate all human life.

  • Perfect practice makes perfect - Perfection brings confidence.  Confidence brings better spirit.  Better Spirit brings better production.  Better productions brings happiness and harmony


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Grandmaster M H Kim, UMBA
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6 Elements of Taekwondo Leadership


  • Chi - Knowledge

  • Shin - Credibility

  • Inn - Virtue

  • Yong - Courage

  • Um - Discipline

  • Eui - Justice

Code of the Hwarang

Korean Flower Boy Military Cadet Warriors


  • Loyalty to the King

  • Obedience to Parents

  • Trust among friends

  • Never retreat in battle

  • Justice in fighting

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9 Rules for Learning the Art of Military Science


  • Think of what is right and true

  • Practice and cultivate the science

  • Become acquainted with the arts 

  • Know the principles of the crafts

  • Understand the harm and benefit in everything

  • Learn to see everything accurately

  • Become aware of what is not obvious

  • Be careful even in small matters

  • Do not do anything useless

Miyamoto Musashi - the Book of Five Rings

The 10 principles of victory

Sun Tzu - The Art of War

  • Planning - If we are to have successful plans then we must know how we make good decisions and what effects good decision making

  • Character - A man’s character will be displayed in every decision he makes and a series of decisions will lay him bare to the world. The ignorant will not protect themselves from this truth while the wise and learned will make it part of their character not to be an open book to opponents.

  • Using Advantages -  You cannot safely judge what is an advantage or otherwise without knowledge and experience.

  • Alliances - If you surround yourself with those of similar character and designs and you won't go far wrong.

  • Deception - The bitterest deception is when we deceive ourselves. There is no defense against self-deception.  Without character we cannot begin to know what is real and what a deception is. 

  • The Use of Spies - to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.  The best way to solve a problem is to deal with it when it is a small problem or better yet to prevent the problem becoming a problem to begin with. 

  • Strength & Weaknesses - Know your enemy and know yourself and a thousand battles you will not lose.

  • Energy - If you don't know what to defend or what to attack you will squander your energy. If you waste your energy than you will be vulnerable to a lesser enemy who does.

  • Communication - Saying what you mean and meaning what you say

  • Winning Whole - the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand.

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