Veteran programs Bedford Heights
MMA school

2023 Counter Buckets

Bucket 1 - Opportunism

  • Jab - Interfering top position lead hand with rear hand catch.  Side kick or hook punch counter.

  • Leg Kick - Slide foot back, step back down into counter cross

  • Open Body Roundhouse Kick - Late reaction, step out and elbow block.  Early reaction, step out and catch kick.  Kick out back leg.  

  • Cut Kick - quick step left, rear leg roundhouse kick, body cross

Bucket 2 - Static Range

  • Jab - Parry, Jab Cross

  • Cross - Catch Parry, Simultaneous Jab, Lead Hook

  • Jab, Cross - Sidestep wedge block, step out cross

  • Cross, Hook - slide out interfering hands to high section front kick


  • Jab - Slip to counter uppercut

  • Cross - Pull to counter cross blitz

  • Jab, Cross - Slip, roll under to counter hook

  • Cross, Hook - roll under, roll under to counter roundhouse kick


  • Jab - Dropping right and throw overhand left

  • Cross - Inside position counter cross blitz

  • Jab, Cross - spinning backfist

  • Cross, Hook - interfering side kick


  • Front Kick - Scoop, frame, and Thai Deashi Barai Rotating Throw

  • Side Kick - Half crescent redirect block.  Step down to wrecking ball cross, hook kick

  • Roundhouse Kick - Sweep through to back take

  • Turning Back Kick - Hip Check to back take

  • Leg Kick - Top position block, counter leg kick


Bucket 3 - Pressured Back

  • Jab - 1st and 3rd, pull, jab cross

  • Cross - well timed lead leg roundhouse to head, step down into elbow strike to head

  • Jab, Cross - framing to roll under (izzy).  Backstep lure to turning back kick 

  • Cross, Hook - philly shell to tight elbow, expand frame to side kick


  • Jab - Slide back to over the top cross

  • Cross - Jumping Knee strike (sandhagen)

  • Jab, Cross - Check hook (+cross)

  • Cross, Hook - Drop shift punch


  • Jab - Sideways lead foot backstep with high inside hand to step out hook (option clinch)

  • Cross - High guard to Disruption Cross

  • Jab, Cross - High guard with front kick

  • Cross, Hook - Interfering top inside position hands, outside leg kick


  • Front Kick - Left hand inside out sweep to outer hand catch.  Cross

  • Roundhouse Kick - Sheath Kick

  • Turning Back Kick - Teep the Hip

  • Leg Kick - Full step back and return fire

  • Jumping Knee - Sidestep break right, as they land, roundhouse to back of head


Bucket 4 - Overcommitted Attack

  • Reactive Shot Single Leg

  • Body Clinch Backward Break

  • Drop Left to Back Take

  • Short Elbow Strike

  • Inside Hands to Headlock Clinch - O Goshi / Ouchi Gari

  • Short (Barboza) Turning Back Kick

MMA, boxing, muay thai, USMC

Knife Defense​

  • Sewing Machine Thrusts - Hips back barrel frame to Kimura lock.  

  • Descending Attack- Sidestep into upper block Americana (Option Osoto Gari)

  • Descending Attack - Sidestep and redirect into Keitenage arm throw

  • Slashing Attacks - Range control with hand framing - crescent kicks and lateral kicking

  • Rear Neck Threat - Early recognition get one hand inside  or late recognition confirm the hand control.  Americana bow, if they straighten arm, arm drag (option one handed Americana kotegaeshi, option high roundhouse kick)

Club Defense

  • Side swing - Crash in to overhand straight arm lock series

  • Descending Attack - Crash in with high guard, elbow bump to duck under back take to valley drop

  • Backswing - Crash in with ridgehand chopping up.  Connect hands to gable grip, Kosoto Gari drop to head and arm choke

  • Lunge - Elbow redirect to inside out elbow, elbow strike, leg kick, high roundhuse kick

  • Baseball Swing - Crash in, left over arms right under.  Right hand Pinch in triceps.  Left hand strip the weapon.  Strike the groin with the butt.  Backswing to their face.

Gun Defense

  • One handed to head -  Drop head right and step in, 2 hand grab (thumbs under) the weapon driving it up.  Step back and rotate the weapon at 45 back to opponent.  Step back and strip the weapon.

  • One handed to body - Step in to the right, two handed grip (thumbs over), pull the weapon in.  Step under and redirect weapon to their ribs.  Step out and strip the weapon

  • Two handed to body - Step in to the right.  Left hand inside drive away the weapon.  Right hand over under.  Create a backstop with hand.  Turn the weapon away from you in a circle and step out.

  • One handed to side of head - Step left.  Left hand grabs the barrel, right hand to the wrist.  Snap and rotate the gun.  

  • One handed to back - Rotate with elbow redirect.  Grab and pull to russian arm tie.  Strip the weapon to butt strike.

Basic Self Defense

  • Same side wrist grab (no gi) -  Step in and punch hand down to break grip.  Inside out elbow strike

  • Same side wrist grab (gi)- Rotate hand to outside L configuration and push their hand back into their body

  • Cross side grip (no gi) -  Step outside to russian arm tie.

  • Double One handed wrist grab (gi) - L grip break over other hand.

  • Collar grip - Same side grip thumb over palm to fingers across, rotate and drive it down

  • Collar grip - Pistol grip outside hand, inside hand grab underneath.  Drive out and drive body back at 50% to 100%

  • One Handed Choke - High cover against incoming punch.  Counter Elbow strike

  • Two Handed Choke - Spearhand to V of the neck drive away or Double elbow upward strike.  Striking to opponent with free hands at will

  • Rear choke (gable grip) -   Two on one arm control.  Drop hips with sharp pull of the arm.  Pop hips back and look to the right in shoulder throw.

  • Rear choke (gable grip) with pull back - Confirm grip on the arm.  Pivot step to the outside creating americana lock.  Osoto Gari.

  • Rear naked choke (late) - strip the top hand.  Pop hips back, rotate to shoulder throw.

  • Chicken Wing - Drive left, go limp arm with left arm.  Rotate out to remove arm and arm drag.

  • Full Nelson - Bring hands together and make a fist to drive your head back to break their grip.

  • Rear bear hug - Push into hands, hips forward to break the grip, rotate into them.  Or Kimura break escape.  If they pick you up, abandon grip and cover head to defend suplex.

  • Rear bear hug against wall - Slide top elbow inside and rotate in.

  • Front bear hug - early response jawline redirect away.  Late response head in solar plexus, put hands on their hips and drive your hips away.

  • Over arms bear hug - Grab wrists, step behind, backstep throw, or grab knees and lift them up to backward throw.

  • Push defense (wide elbows) - inside bicep contol and slight drive back into it

  • Push defense (close elbows) - universal block with backstep.

  • Front headlock (unconnected hands) - control far wrist.  Peek out step to back take

  • Guillotine - over the shoulder wrap, walk to far side and backward walk them to the ground.  Frame to break grip.

  • Rear headlock (unconnected hands)- insert hand to stop the punching. Grab headlock wrist.  Squat up to create kimura.  Step out and remove head.

  • Rear headlock hip toss - Sidestep around to side (to face him) and lift him up and backward throw.

  • Hockey Shirt pull over - Frame to Clinch or limp arm slide out to remove shirt.

  • Back Hoodie or Collar pull - Rotate into them to safety clinch.

  • Back Hair Grip - Confirm grip and rotate into them

  • Hair Grab - Confirm grip, cover high against incoming punches and counter punch

  • Picked up (over the shoulder) - Frame jawline away to create space then guillotine