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Types of Stretching

  • Dynamic  - Dynamic stretching consists of controlled leg and arm swings that take you (gently!) to the limits of your range of motion

  • Ballistic - Uses bouncy, jerky movements and involves trying to force a part of the body beyond its range of motion. - High risk of injury and we will not be doing this in class.  

  • Static - Deep stretches held for a fixed period of time.  Should only be done after warmed up.

  • PNF - Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation - using muscle fatigue to trick the brain into relaxation and deeper stretching

Stretching Methodology

  • Prior to class, we will begin with a 5 minute Dynamic warm up to loosen the body for the class to come for injury prevention and ease of training.

  • After class, when warm we will engage in Stretching for a short time to work on flexibility development.  

  • Outside of class it is recommended that you do additional stretching with this routine daily after a short 5 minute warm up to develop the flexibility you need for gains

  • The best way to stretch is to aim for 8-10 minutes per week of stretching time on each of these exercises so this means doing either 3 sets of 60 second stretches 3x per week or 3 sets of 30 seconds 6 days per week to receive the maximum gains on flexibility development.

  • Due to time constraints we will limit the stretching to a few stretches for a set period of time every class.  We will be focused on the following muscle groups for our flexibility development.

  1. Hamstrings

  2. Glutes

  3. Adductors

  4. Lower Back

  5. Quadriceps

Class Warm Up  - 5 Minute Dynamic Stretching

  • Jumping Jacks 

  • Stance Switch and 5 Probing Jabs Stepping x4

  • Neck Rotation, Hip Rotation, Shoulder Rotations

  • Bouncing Chest to Knee Left Right Center Standing

  • Straight leg kick stretches (front, side, hook, roundhouse)

  • Standing Flutter Kicks to Roundhouse Kicks, Foot Slap Kicking, Running Butt Kicks 

  • Alternating Toe Touches, 4 Count Stretch, then Side to side leg stretch

  • Reverse Butterfly rocking

  • Seated Left, Right, Center stretch light bounce (don't go deep)

End of Class Static Stretching

  • Seated V stretch Center - 2 sets of 30 seconds 

  • Seated V stretch - 2 sets of Left 30 seconds, Right 30 seconds

  • Center Splits - 2 sets of 30 seconds

  • Side Splits - 2 sets of Left 30 seconds, Right 30 seconds 

  • S Mount stretch - 1 set of Left 30 seconds, Right 30 seconds 

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