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  1. Mirror Training 

  2. Poomse or punching / kicking air

  3. Shadow Boxing 

  4. Visualization drills

  5. Tactic Training 

  6. Nemean 10 stage fall back drill

  7. Movement and Footwork (see below)

  8. Count drill - random numbers represent the number of strikes you do.  for MMA add sprawl, shoot, and kick

  9. The Pitt - quick paced fitness designed to burn out for kicks, punches, and fitness

  10. Combination play drill - each 30 second round work a different combo

  11. Exit / Entry Strategies

  12. Repetition Training

  13. CLA

    1. Kicking over objects​

    2. Kicking or punching while pulled 

    3. Blocking with weights on hands

  14. Back and forth kick/punch drills

  15. Mobility drills

Mobility Drills

  1. Handstands - Up against a wall, touching your feet to the top of the vertical mats.

  2. Jumping or climbing - Over and on top of objects, balancing on Objects, climbing over a rail, fence, or obstacle 

  3. Resistance Bands - Kicking, punching, or otherwise moving with someone holding a belt or resistance bands around your waist or feet.

  4. Cartwheels - If you can’t do full cartwheels, put hands on the floor and practice kicking your feet out to the side, with straight legs.  Once you learn a cartwheel, practice doing a technically correct cartwheel (there are plenty of gymnastics videos on this).  Then add techniques to this, like cartwheel to a skip side kick

  5. Bear crawl - Variate your speed.  Try it over different terrains and over objects, and up stairs.

  6. Side rolls - From the hands and feet position, roll sideways and come back up to starting position

  7. Hopping - On one foot, hop down the floor, but side to side, so that you down a line by hopping back and forth on the left and right side of the line.  Then do it backwards

  8. Crab walk - Once you crab walk down the floor

  9. Butt Scoots - Practice from a seated position, posting on an arm and scooting to your left, right, and center, forward and backward.  

  10. Inversion Rolls - Roll from one shoulder to another so that you continue to face the same direction without letting your lower back or butt hit the ground.  So your feet stay in front of you the whole time.

  11. Sit throughs - From your hands and feet, with your right hand posted, kick your right foot through without putting your foot or hip on the ground, retracting your left hand back.  Then return to starting position and do the same on the left side.  Then, you add in the step over.  You sit through as you did before, but now your right foot goes to the ground.  Roll to the ball of the foot and put your weight on it, then kick your left leg up and over your right foot.  As it comes downward, bring your left hand to the ground, and kick through to your left.  Repeat back and forth.

  12. Knee on belly bag drills - From the bag, going left to right side on the bag,  Switching direction and backstepping, and switching to side and kesa controls.  

  13. Alternating s mount - Back and forth in s mount position with one foot curled in front and the other behind. 

  14. Rolling lunges - Roll backward, and as you come up, roll into a lunge.  Alternate sides.

  15. Shoulder rolls - Front shoulder rolls as normal, but you can also add coming up to various kicks.  Play with jumping over objects for distance and height

  16. Backward rolls - backward shoulder rolls till you come to all fours, then sit through to a ready position.  Technical stand up

  17. Ground kicking - From the left S seated position, do a right roundhouse kick.  Reach over with your outside hand behind you so you end up on hands and knees facing away from your target.  Look over your shoulder to a turning wheel kick, and continue to a right side S mount.  Repeat back and forth

  18. Gorilla walk -Place both hands on the mat in fists to your right side.  Simultaneously kick both legs across past your hands.  repeat.

  19. Capoeira ginga - Back and forth alternating feet and hands. Add techniques to this as you like.

  20. Bounce step punches - Slight bounce back and forth with a jab, lead side hook, and lead side uppercut.

  21. Speed skaters - Hop to your right foot in a bent leg, with your left bent leg off the floor behind you.  Left hand ahead of you open hand, right hand back.  Kick to the  left and repeat the process.

  22. Tenkan - Step and pivot to the outside with raising arms

  23. Roll unders - Side to side roll under with a frame.  

  24. Triples - Three quick roundhouse kicks in succession so you hop into them.

  25. Lead Leg kicks - Spring into foot forward position, spring into a lead leg low or midsection kick, spring into a high lead side kick

  26. Three Wheels - Spinning hook kick midsection, Spinning hook kick high section, Hapkido spinning foot sweep.

  27. Single legs - Just doing single leg shots down the floor

  28. Dropping Jabs - Back and forth doing jabs.  Periodically add in Drop Switches

  29. Advancing lead hands - Jab, Sudden switch to a left hand cross, Advance to a Jab Cross

  30. Butterfly sweeps - Rolling to a side practicing pulling your shoulder down, going to the ball of your foot on bottom side, and elevating your top leg out

  31. Triangles - Back and forth triangles, raising your hips high off the ground

  32. Ladder drill - There are a bunch of different types of ladder drills, but start with going down a line facing it, going to the left you step left foot in (at an angle), right foot in, left foot out, right foot out.  Work to increase speed

  33. Retreating pulls to roll out - Full step back to a deep back stance with a pull.  Repeat, Repeat and Roll out with a frame

  34. TKD bounce footwork - bounce to explode in, out, side to side.  Add rear roundhouse kicks in periodically

  35. Yoga crane flow - Stand on one foot, left foot to right knee,  with your hands in front in prayer position for 10 seconds. Without putting your foot down, grab your foot behind your butt. Hold for 10 seconds.  Reach out with your Right hand, and lift your leg behind you.  Hold for 10 seconds.  Bring your knee up in front of you, and slowly extend out to a side kick.  Rapidly pull it in and do a quick side kick.  Repeat on the right side.

Ladder Drills 

  1. Forward run - Advance left foot right foot into each rung.

  2. Lateral Advance Retreat Steps - Facing the ladder and moving parallel with it, step in, throw a punch, then step out.  

  3. Lateral Double Advance Retreat Steps - Step into the box with lead foot, step past the box to jab, then step back into the box with your lead foot, and back to your starting spot and throw a cross.

  4. Carioca - Facing sideways and staying in the ladder, Step to next rung with your lead foot, step behind your foot with your rear foot to next rung, step to next rung with your lead foot, step in front to next rung with rear foot.

  5. Ickey Shuffle - (In In Out, In In Out) - Starting on the right side, Step inside with inside left foot, step inside with the right foot, step outside with the left foot.  Then step to the next rung with the right foot inside, step in with the left foot, step out with the right foot.  Now advance forward to the next rung with the left and repeat.  As an option, you can do a knee raise on the last inside step or do it moving backward..

  6. Ickey Shuffle Plus 1 - (In In Out Out) - Starting on the right side, Step inside with inside left foot, step inside with the right foot, step outside with the left foot, step out with the right foot.  Then step forward to next rung with the right foot inside and repeat.

  7. Single leg hop - You can either face forward and advance on one foot, face forward and go side to side in and out of the box, you can go sideways, or you can go sideways with a lifted lead leg to work on spring kick motion.  Either way, the goal is minimum ground contact and being on the ball of the foot.

  8. Double leg hop - start with both feet outside the ladder, then hop both feet inside and out as you progress forward.

  9. Double Leg In and Outs - Both feet out, left foot in, right foot in, left out, right out 

  10. Lateral In and outs - Facing the ladder, left foot in, right foot in, left foot out, right foot out.  Quick succession and minimal ground contact.

  11. Lateral Double Ins, Double Outs - Step forward left foot right foot in the rung.  Step forward left foot right foot past the rung, step back into the rung left then right, step back past the rung left then right. 

  12. Skaters - Starting on the outside with inside foot back, jump inside foot in the box, then outside foot in the box, then hop out to the other side landing on your now outside foot.  So if you start outside the box on the left, your right foot is back, then you jump right foot in, left foot out, hop out to right foot with left foot back.  Move on to next square.

  13. Lateral Stance Switches - Alternate feet as you advance each rung (hips stay squared)

  14. Hopping knees or kicks - Inside leg does all the work doing the knee or the kick, and back leg drags behind.  

  15. Step and Pivot - One foot goes in, and the other pivots back and forth.  Starting on the right side, step in with your left foot, pivot your right foot to the left side of the ladder.  Step out with your left foot.  Step in with your left foot, pivot your right foot to the right side, then step out with the left.  Advance to next box. 

  16. Skip backstep - Inside foot moves forward and back foot kicks back into the ladder.  Small forward step with inside foot, and back foot kicks back out.

  17. Lateral Pendulum step - Step forward to the rung to the left, skip feet together in the rung, step forward to left of the rung with left foot.  Skip back to left foot in the rung where it stays as you pendulum back and forth off of it.

  18. Pendulum kick - Start both feet on the left side.  Step into the rung with your right foot.  Swing your left foot kick all the way around to center as your right foot swings to the other side of the ladder.  Step down with your left foot in the center of the rung.  Now swing a right roundhouse kick all the way around to center as your left foot swings back to the outside of the ladder.  Step down in the rungs with your right foot.

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