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Small Group Seminars

(8-15 people)

Our trauma informed staff teach self defense and empowerment through verbal de-escalation, situational awareness, and self defense techniques.  During this course you will learn defenses to:

  • Pushing, Punching, Kicking

  • Wrist, Collar, and Hair Grabs

  • Headlocks, Bear Hugs

  • Front, Rear, and Mounted Chokes

  • Sexual Assault


Single 2 hour session - $399

Single 4 hours session - $599

4 Session Weekly 2 Hour - $999

8 Session Weekly 2 Hour - $1499

***We do offer Pro Bono or reduced rate work for certain groups such as domestic violence shelters & LGBTQIA groups


Corporate Seminars

(10-20 people per group)

This is a great way of mixing things up from your usual outings.  This is a guaranteed fun filled session that is ideal for team building like you've never experienced before.  There is no pressure to perform and anyone who can get out of a chair can do all of the movements in the class.  

Our charismatic staff make sure you will laugh and joke your as you do some easy stretching, followed by some light footwork steps, and a few basic techniques that will ensure that not only do they have fun, but they learn something from the class.​


In Person and Virtual Sessions available.  Each session is 1 hour long.

2 Same Day Sessions - $499

Private Lessons

Private Lessons can be set up with any of our elite coaching staff.  They can be done at the facility or at an alternate location of your choosing so long as it is approved by the instructor.  

  • You can record the private lesson (we ask you not to share publicly).

  • For best results we ask that you provide a topic a week before the lesson.  

  • Following the private lesson we will email you an analysis sheet providing:​​​​

    • A personalized goal for your future development

    • 3 Skills to practice to enhance what was discussed during the lesson


Member Rate - $99.99

Non Member Rate - $124.99

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